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University of Salford BADLab

My MA Thesis project exploring ways of embedding a 'classroom as studio' experiment into the Graphic Design studios at the University of Salford had a profound and positive effect on my practice. Within that project I developed a manifesto for an experimental creative press within the art school environment (which you can read here). Building on this concept my colleague John Newton and I spent the early autumn of 2019 developing a new Book Arts and Design Lab where we have begun teaching specialist workshops in publication design, book arts and production. 

The University of Salford Book Arts and Design Lab {BADLab} is a creative bindery workshop for producing art and design publications. We have specialist knowledge, software, materials and equipment that allow School of Arts and Media students and staff to produce high quality professional publications.

Additionally, we offer support for creative students to develop cross disciplinary professional design skills, diversify their practice and become ready for industry. We believe these skills are a vital component of success in the creative industry and should be available to all students in the school.

We believe you can’t be good, until you’ve been bad. BADLab is a space to play, learn and experiment with design, publications, risograph and book arts.

The BADLab website is a digital gallery and repository of multidisciplinary artist books and publications produced by BADLab staff, students and visitors which can be accessed here.

Photography by Holly White 
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