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Notes on Graphic Design.

Notes on Graphic Design is a handmade hardback cloth bound origami book incorporating collage and typography, screen printed pages, folded into an origami structure and bound using board and cloth. I made a short run of 12 copies in different colour combination using G.F Smith colourplan papers and Windsor Tissue Lined Rayon book cloth.

I began the project hoping to reflect on what I think graphic design is. Students, family members and friends often ask me what graphic design is. This is a common question and I usually answer with something about ‘everything you see’ but the answer isn’t that easy, it is slippery and hard to define. But it does often make me think ‘what are my thoughts on graphic design, what is it to me?’, this book seeks to provide an answer, if only to me. I chose this structure, the materials and colour combinations to reflect the intricacies of both graphic design and defining what it is.
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