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NHS Permanent Exhibition

In 2015 I coordinated and art directed this project with 20 of my extended diploma students and the North Tyneside General Hospital Young People's Diabetes Clinic. Together we submitted 20 pieces for a 3 piece permanent exhibition to be judged by the board of directors of the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. The project was such a success that the panel decided to expand the exhibition to feature 17 submitted designs.

The aim of this project was to provide a more comfortable and colourful environment for patients undergoing treatment and their families. It was only through the incredible work of Paul Yellop, Bryan Denley and friends, who completed a 100-mile triathlon and held a fund-raising evening at Chirton Social Club, North Shields that this project was possible, raising £4000 to allow for artwork and entertainment devices to be installed in the space.

The challenge was in memory of Paul’s son Lee, who died in 2010 aged 25, who received treatment at the hospital’s young adult diabetes service.

NHS Press Release

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