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Milk the Cow

In 2016 I had the pleasure of working with the legendary Milk the Cow Podcast on a unique project that sought to provide comedic pop art based relief to the ongoing strife of UK and western politics.


The brief came from within the podcast's collective brain fuelled by the group’s online presence as the voice of reason and discussion on everything from politics to music to mental health. During this period MTC experienced a social media phenomenon when they responded to a political story by calling the politician in question a #wankpuffin, this began trending almost immediately and analytics from the next 24 hours showed the word was being used throughout the world on social media to describe politicians doing everything from gaffs to failing their constituents to being caught in a heinous lie or act.

MTC wanted to use this power for good and gave me a 12 hour over night brief to produce repurposed pop art inspired artwork that could be sold on t-shirts and limited edition prints via their well established website to fund community and charity programmes under threat from austerity. And 12 hours later, project Wankpuffin was born.

Milk the Cow Podcast

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