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Throughout 2018 I collaborated on a large scale brand story telling project with Manchester based Content Strategist Andrea Callan. Together we developed the (re)brand strategy for Manchester eco charity Envirolution, an annual festival with over 2000 visitors as well as workshops and events throughout the festival season internationally. A well established organisation with almost a decade of experience and a dedicated board of directors needed our help to take the next step in their journey. To take their message of exploring creative ways to enrich our lives, community and environment to as many communities as possible and empower people to live healthier lives. 
The concept for the visual communication of the Envirolution brand story was born directly from the work Andrea Callan did with the Envirolution team encapsulating the fun, colourful, friendly and hopeful direction of the organisation and its message. From a creative direction point of view, it was vital that in order to stay true to the brand values the design for this brand needed to be different than the typical sustainability charity or business, none of the common imagery of planets or trees but something all together more subtle. There also needed to be flexibility within the design, an ability for the design concept to adapt as the organisation grows. Using a circle as the basis for the design has powerful connotation. It signifies the planet without being obvious and reflects the cycle of life. It can be used in so many different ways to depict so many different images that it is adaptable as the organisation grows. 
Qanelas Soft is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch, it was chosen as the logo type for envirolution due to its friendly shape whilst still being contemporary and mature. 
Risograph colours were chosen to create an opportunity for consistency across the branding as all printed matter is produced using Risograph (along with recycled paper) to refect the organisations brand drivers. The Risograph is a remarkably environmentally friendly printer that uses a non-toxic soy-based ink system and banana paper master stencil. Unlike Lithographic printing, it only takes one pass for the master stencil to be fully inked and ready to print. The machine also uses very little energy when in operation. The Risograph  printing system has special colours that this branding exercise has utilized. Embedding this unique sustainable printing process into the very fibre of the visual representation of the organisation is a subtle way of presenting a consistent brand to their community.
Andrea and I developed the full strategy together with Andrea focusing on copywriting and project management while I focused on creative direction, design and collateral production. 
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